The Establishment Of Apple And Steve Jobs Autobiography

Steve Jobs entry to Apple Computers:

applelogo-1In Portland Steve Jobs enrolled in Reed College after the completion of his high school. After six months he left college and spent for dropping some creative classes for 18 months. For typography Jobs entered in the course of calligraphy. With the company Atari Jobs gets a position of video game designer in 1974. After several months he left Atari and went to India for spiritual enlightenment.

In the year 1976 when he was 21 years old started his company Apple Computers. The company was started in his family garage. For the starting of this company he sold his Volkswagen bus and Wozniak sold his scientific calculator. Wozniak and Jobs created this revolutionizing computer industry by providing the machines cheaper, intuitive, smaller and accessible to the customers. They first created a computer which was initially marketed for $666.66. By the first model of Apple he earned $774,000. After releasing the second model of the computer he increased the sale to 700 percent which is $139 million dollars.

Publicly trading of Apple Computers:

In 1980 the Apple Computer was publicly traded. On the very first day for company’s trading there is a market value of $1.2 million. Jobs also looked for the marketing expert of his company who is John Scolly in Pepsi-Cola as a role of the president in Apple.

Apple III was released in September, 1980 at $3,495. Without adequate testing the product was released and it became defective. Then the production was halted and the sell also discontinued from the month April, 1984.

The company gets worldwide:

In 1981 there was a development and research budget of $21 million and by this research they released 40 new software programs. In the month of December, 1982 it became the company for reaching the annual sale of $1 million. In this way Apple Computers gets worldwide.

Macintosh’s debut:

1984-macworld-mag250Macintosh computer was designed for the people with the technical knowledge of little which was seen by Jobs. When Lisa was failure then Macintosh can be seen as future company. In 1984 they launched a television including with Apple II. After that the company was with some internal troubles in its selling procedure. After some time Macintosh moved to the business market of Apple. In the year 1986 and 1987 Apple produced personal computers with improved power and memory. In 1988 over one million Macintosh’s computers were sold. It is the 70% of the total sale in company. In the year 1986 Apple had 5,500 employees and 14,600 employees at the end of the year 1990.

In the year 1988 there was four divisions in Apple Computers Apple Pacific, Apple USA, Apple Products and Apple Europe. In 1990 clipping by the industry giant:

In 1990 when the company entered they are aware of that they are in a condition of industry giant and the previous situation was changed dramatically.

In the period 1998-2005 Apple industry again returned to its profitability. And in the period of 2005-2007 Intel transition also took place. Widespread success of Apple computers occur in the time period of 2007-2011. After the year 2011 this is the era of post jobs.